Since 2005, the "Mission Hydrogène" is a non profitable association finance by ADEME, the DIRECCTE and the Pays de la Loire Region.

It gathers and federate economic actors arount the hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

The Mission Hydrogène has developped unique competence on hydrogen uses for marine and fluvial applications. It contributes to the french hydrogen platformAFHYPAC (Association Française pour l'Hydrogène et les Piles A Combustible).

At the European level, Mission Hydrogène is the French referent for the MHFCA (Marine Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association).

Mission Hydrogène has initiated many demonstrators projets and ensures a proper level of communication (techical workshops, technology watch).

Mission Hydrogène propose its support to develop your projects, reinforce your techology watch and identify your partners.


HYDROGEN’ACTU is a monthly watch letter. It consists of a strategic information on hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications in France and worldwide.



Delta  Green
Autonomie énergétique d'un bâtiment.


Navibus H2 Erdre
Design and manufacture of an electrosolar hydrogen fuel cell boat for passanger transport in urban areas.



Mutualisation de la distribution d'hydrogène pour flotte captive de Nantes Métropole



Système Energie-Propulsion à  base de pile à combustible à hydrogène pour applications maritimes ou fluviales


Mission Hydrogène  is a cluster of actors assisting fuel cell, hydrogen and related sustainable energy companies withe building the necessary partenership to take their techonology and services to market.

Mission Hydrogène has initiated a process of intefration of hydrogen as an energy-carrier into marine and fluvial applications. Its aims are to :

Confirm industrial and research potential in the Pays de la Loire Region in the field of hydrogen technology in general, with special attention to marine and fluvial applications.

Set this potential relative to that of other French and European regions and identify the enconomic benefits expected.


Deploy an entertainment program to promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology :
Edit watch letters (HYDROGEN ACTU) and newslettres (H2 NEWS).

Organize conference on hydrogen and fuel cells

Participate in faires

Organize study tour abroad

Interfaceof regional "Pays de la Loire" actors in the setting up of tha national, European and worldwide hydrogen network.
Federate hydrogen and sustainable energy companies on collaborative projects thus bringing their technologies and services to market and reinforcing  territorial competitivity.
Gather hydrogen actors (researchers, industrials working on production, storage, transport of hydrogen).
Create a hydrogen community with researchers and industries to promote the emergence of different kinds of projects and participate in the development of  the energy and economic future of the region.