Legal Notices

Property of the site is the property of  Association Mission Hydrogène, founded in 2005 and located at  43 rue Bobby Sands - BP 80095 - 44814 - Saint-Herblain - CEDEX



Collection of personal data

The person in charge of the processing of your data is Mission Hydrogène 43 rue Bobby Sands BP 80095 - 44814 - Saint-Herblain - CEDEX

  • Your data is used only for specific needs always related to our activity;
  • We only collect the data we need;
  • We respect the period allowed to keep your data in accordance with the law;
  • Your data are communicated only to the administrations that use it as part of their regulatory mission.


Use of personal data

  • Your data are used as part of our general information dissemination missions concerning our activity;
  • Personal data are collected in a relevant way and we limit ourselves to collecting only the information we need.


Retention of personal data

  • We undertake to keep the personal data according to the legal duration;
  • Your data is stored on our computer servers.


Right to modify, correct or delete your data

You have the following rights:

  • A right of access to your data: the data subject has the right to request information on the data collected and to know their uses;
  • Right of rectification: the data subject has the right to request that his data be rectified or supplemented;
  • A right of erasure: the data subject has the right to request the permanent erasure of his data when they are no longer needed;
  • Right of opposition: the data subject has the right to oppose the use of his data;
  • Right of withdrawal: the data subject has the right to withdraw consent for all treatments for which they were collected;
  • A right of complaint to the CNIL: the data subject may file a complaint with the CNIL if he considers that the processing of his data constitutes a violation of the general data protection regulations;
  • A right of recourse to jurisdiction: the person concerned can form a judicial appeal either against the supervisory authority (CNIL) or against the person responsible for data processing.


Exercising your rights

You can exercise your rights by sending an email to the following address:

In order to prevent someone from posing for you and having access to your personal data, you must prove your identity by enclosing with your application a copy of an identity document (identity card, passport, driver's license). This copy will be destroyed as soon as the verification has been made.